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Our Hand Wash, Black Phenyl, White Phenyl Bottle, Floor Cleaner, and Naphthalene Balls Are Right Tools For You To Maintain Good Hygiene.

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Maintenance of hygiene is as important as consuming quality food because both promotes quality living. At Hira Enterprises, we understand this which is why we produce the best hygiene maintaining products. Our hygiene maintaining products like Floor Cleaner, Hand Wash and Naphthalene Balls, Black Phenyl, White Phenyl Bottle are used not only in homes but also in offices and other spaces. 

The materials that are used in production of aforesaid items are effective which is why we promise matchless quality to all our customers. Our assortment of cleaners effectively cleans hard surfaces. Our range of hand wash ensures removal of dirt and bacteria, and our Naphthalene Balls promote fragrance where kept.

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